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Anne Marie Issa, top adviser to Jean Henry Ceant, quits campaign

Anne Marie Issa, Journalist and Former co-owner and founder of Signal FM

Former co-owner and founder of Signal FM Anne Marie Issa who was one of the top advisers to the candidacy of Jean Henry Ceant under the banner of Renmen Ayiti, announced her resignation. She doesn't agree with the most recent positions of her candidate in regard to Provisional President Jocelerme Privert. Ms. Issa feels that Privert doesn't deserve the harsh criticism recently made by Jean Henry Ceant and she fells that that so far he has been doing his best to continue with the election process in Haiti. She mentioned the creation of an independent commission and installation of a credible CEP.

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Four G8 members will not run in next Presidential election

Jean Serge Joseph was under pressure, Samuel Madistin

The G8 no longer exist; however, it continues to make news. It is conformed that four of the members for sure will not participate in the next presidential election. According to Samuel Madistin in an interview with Valery Numa on Vision 2000, Mario Andresol, Eric Jean Baptiste, Sauveur Pierre Étienne and Steven Benoit will not participate in the next Presidential election in Haiti. He continued to say that Jean-Henry Céant and himself (Samuel Madistin) have not made a decision yet. The two candidate who will for sure participate in the next election are Jude Celestin and Moise Jean Charles

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The G8 is now history as Jean-Henry Ceant left

Jean Henry Ceant

The G8 can no longer exist as one of the member left. This is the case when Jean-Henry Céant calls it quit. In a letter addressed to his colleagues of G8 former presidential candidate under the banner of Renmen Ayiti, Jean-Henry Céant made the announcement that he was forced to leave the G8. As a result, he has dissociated himself from the group

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New political structure formed to remove Privert from office

June 14, Jocelerme Privert must go, said PHTK and allies

Some of the closest political parties to president Michel Martelly and the PHTK party have one thing in common and are not willing to negotiate. It is June 14 which is just three days away. The group headed by former Prime Minister Evans Paul started a mobilization on Friday to demand the departure of President Jocelerme Privert by June 14. Evans Paul is in charge of the operation called: "Depoze Privert"

The new political structure is comprised of an interim management board with former Prime Minister Evans Paul

They think that President Privert is trying to remain in power without legitimacy. As a result, a street demonstration is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14 which is the date the mandate of President Privert is expired.

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No second round election without Jean-Charles Moise

Platfom Pitit Desalin nominated Jean-Charles Moïse candidate for President

Platfom Pitit Dessalines may not know the names of the two presidential candidates who will be participating in the runoff Presidential election in Haiti; however they are certain of at least one of them. In less than one week before the report of the Commission of Verification, the political platform Pitit Dessalines made it clear that there will be "no second round without Jean-Charles Moïse". In addition, Pitit Dessalines expects the elimination of PHTK candidate Jovenel Moïse from the process, stating if it is proved that a candidate or political group has benefited from fraud, the votes should be annulled.

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Andre Michel wants PHTK disqualified and listed as terrorist organization

Andre Michel wants PHTK disqualified, listed as terrorist organization

The lawyer Michel is not a fan of the Michel Martelly and his political party PHTK. As a matter of fact, he wants the party to be removed from the electoral process in Haiti. Andre Michel feels that the PHTK should have been disqualified by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) long ago as PHTK and its allies were named for acts of violence during the August 9, 2015 elections. He also stated that PHTK was involved in the massive electoral fraud during the October 25, 2015 elections.

According to Andre Michel, PHTK is not a democratic political party but rather a terrorist organization.

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Moise Jean Charles denounces gift of Ministry Privert gave to Assad Volcy

Senator Moise Jean Charles said Judge was poisoned

Former Haitian Senator Moise Jean Charles came out to denounce his friend Assad Volcy and at the same time to give him an Ultimatum to fix his position regarding the advantages received from President Jocelerme Privert. According to Moise jean Charles, his fried and the number 2 member of Pitit Dessalines Assad Volcy was involved in an internal deal with President Jocelerme Privert where a minister was given to him.

Moise jean Charles gave Assad Volcy an ultimatum of (2)two days to fix his position regarding the advantages received from President Privert.

What do you think?

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Deputy Abel Decolline, no longer under PHTK banner

Abel Descollines, Mirebalais-Boucan Carré

The Deputy of Mirebalais, Abel Descollines, who won his seat under the PHTK banner has decided to change ship. In an interview given to Radio Vision 2000 on May 2, 2016, he announced that he is mo longer part of political party PHTK. According to the Deputy of Mirebalais-Boucan Carré, he did not receive the moral support necessary during his campaign by the political party PHTK

What do you think?

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Jude Celestin warns against any prefabricated report

Jude Celestin

Jude Celestin, the candidate for the presidency under LAPEH party came out after several weeks of silence to give a warning to the newly created Commission of Verification. He advised them to stay away from any prefabricated report.

Jude Celestin also stated that he supports the establishment of the evaluation commission to investigate the results of the 25 October 25, elections and has no fear for verification. In regard to an extension of the current agreement, he has no objection but would be against any new political agreement.

What do you think?

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Senator Andris Riche wants Jocelerme Privert out by May 14

Senator Andris Riche,  a Politician Demagogue

Senator Andrice Riche doesn't want to hear any plan where President Jocelerme Privert would remain in office after May 14, 2016. He wants him out. According to Senator Riche, Jocelerme can't be part of the solution.

Senator Andris Riche was unable to accept a recent statement by the president who had suggested that the elections should be conducted on the last Sunday of October 2016.

According to Riche, Privert had a clear mission which was to continue with the process of the election to have a president by May 14. He even suggested that President Privert could return to his previous position as the President of the Senate

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